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Thursday, November 4, 2010


What's softest in the world
rushes and runs
over what's hardest in the world.

The immaterial 
the impenetrable.

I have to remind myself that water will defeat stone, given time. I have to accept that time, as we measure it, is merely an artificial attempt to contain what has no boundary, to measure what has no dimension. If it takes another planet 10,000 years to move around the sun, then a minute can be 10,000 minutes. Therefore, I have to be patient. My patience should not be measured by the day or the month, and although I feel weary,  any impatience adds to my weariness. My patience has to match the cadence not of the hour, but of the seasons. Its measure is the time it takes for a drop of water to evaporate, congregate in the clouds until it falls back as a drop of water on the ground. Let my patience be 10,000 drops.

If the key word is patience, then Marigold is doing relatively well. We have been able to re-open the front store and return to business-as-usual, as best as we can manage. The pharmacy department is still closed. Our hours have been slightly changed: open at 10 AM and close at 6PM from Monday to Saturday. We have made three specific changes to our practice and you will notice when you come in the store that there is now a service counter, behind which you will find many of the Marigold products. These are all the products with any health claims and this is necessary so we can provide proper advice on what product will work best for you. Also, if it is the first time you are returning to the store. you will be asked to complete a  patient information sheet. This makes you a registered customer of Marigold and we can better keep track of all the Marigold products you use. It also formalizes the patient-professional relationship which is a requirement of Health Canada. Thirdly, our products are now identified with a label indicating the expiry date and the batch number. These changes are necessary in order to improve and continue the services that we provide.

We are expecting the pharmacy to re-open in the near future and we appreciate your patience. Our discussions with the BC College of Pharmacists have been positive and together, we are working towards the re-opening of our pharmacy. 

We are also pleased to announce the opening of our herbal dispensary which will provide herbal tinctures, teas, dried herbs, essential oils and functional foods. Our staff herbalist Janette Cormier, R.Ac, RH has carefully selected medicinal Eastern and Western herbs and will be happy to assist you. She will also be able to do custom herbal formulations for patients and practitioners. She is also a registered acupuncturist and is available for drop-in acupuncture. Her acupuncture treatments have been effective for a variety of ailments such as gall bladder issues,  bed-wetting, pain,  stress and tiredness and low immunity. She offers a free 15 minute consult and can discuss if acupuncture is a good alternative for you.

Dr. Erica Kneeland is accepting new patients. She is a Naturopathic Doctor with a special interest in women's health and pediatrics. She will assist in hormone balancing, prenatal and postnatal care and thyroid issues. She is currently studying to get her pharmacology designation. Naturopathic Doctors are now allowed prescribing privileges in BC and she will have this included in her practice in the future.She also administers Vitamin B12 shots on a drop-in basis.

We now have three nutritionists on our staff: Kira Neumann, Kim Mutchler and Cathy Riopelle. They will assist you in selecting any vitamins and supplements that you will need as well as establishing a solid foundation based on lifestyle and food. They are available for consultations as well.  Kira is a long time resident of the valley and has been busy replenishing our shelves with new lines of  supplements. We are introducing the new line of Mega Foods supplements, which deliver a food-based form,  allowing the preservation of native intelligence which can be easily destroyed by heat, pressure and the addition of  extra ingredients. Kim is a new addition to our staff, having recently moved back to the valley after working at Pure Pharmacy in White Rock. She has an expertise in the use of alkaline water and will be glad to give you a free sample of alkaline water  which will have tremendous health benefits as it adjusts your acid-alkali balance. Kathy is well known in the valley and is currently getting her accreditation in the interesting field of Metabolic Typing. This is a diet based approach to long lasting  relief from food cravings, low energy, weight gain and low immunity.

So please drop by and  visit us. We thank you for all the support and notes for encouragement. They have been invaluable as far as advancing our case with the  authorities and in fact, they have been very powerful and influential.  There have been hundreds of letters that relate true and heartfelt Marigold stories and all of these have been compiled.

The softest in the world overcomes the hardest.
 tt, given time.