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Friday, January 29, 2010

Top Ten Ways to Balance Your pH


One of the givens in achieving health, maintaining energy, reaching vitality and increasing immunity is a proper body pH. The surety of this all-in-one season's pass to good health is based on the fact that our body contains about 60% water. Our being in balance is dependent on a large part on the chemistry of acids and alkalis.

Human blood is slightly alkaline, maintained to precision by the body’s systems to operate between a very narrow range of 7.35 and 7.45. If the pH falls below 6.8 or rises above 7.8, it has a very immediate effect: cells die. That is how important acid-alkali balancing is.
Here are the top ten tips in achieving a perfect body pH.

1. Eat more vegetables. Put two hands out, that's how much vegetables. Put one hand out, that's how much carbs. Put the fingers of one hand together, that's how much protein. Stick your thumb out as if hitching for a ride, that's how much fat.

Vegetables are alkaline producing and carbohydrates (starches, breads, sugars) and protein (fish, meat, dairy ) are acid-producing. At every meal, balance alkaline foods to acidic foods at a ratio of 70% to 30%. It does not work if you have a salad for lunch (good) and a KD for dinner (bad), as the neutralizing effect of the vegetables happens if present at the same meal.

2. Avoid coffee. The acidifying effect will last for several hours. Four cups of coffee a day will create an acid storm which can last for the entire day. If you are after the caffeine, then it is better to have an expresso or an americano.

3. Choose carbohydrates carefully, restricting choices to carbs with a low glycemic index. Reduce sugary snacks. This will include chocolate, cookies, doughnuts and cakes, pastries and desserts. Since you’re skipping the coffee anyway, that doughnut won’t be the same.

4. Limit the consumption of dairy products. You may consider switching to almond milk, which is lower in fat, protein and sugar. And: it does not complicate the hormone thing.

5. Drink sufficient amount of water and absolutely avoid carbonated soft drinks. It is a very potent combination of sugar, carbonic acid and phosphoric acid. It will essentially deplete calcium instantly. Carbonated drinks have a pH value of about 2.8. Since the pH system is exponential, this is about 100,000 times more acidic than water.

6.Drink lemon water. Lemons maybe acidic, but once digested, they form alkali residues which are left to neutralize acidic foods.

7. Eat fermented foods such as fermented sauerkraut, specially at the beginning of a meal. Bacteria and enzymes create a digestion factory that will neutralize acids. There are now enzyme supplements cultured in yeast for this purpose.

8. Apple cider vinegar taken at the start of a meal supplies a neutralizing agent for acidifying foods. Make sure you choose a brand with at least 5% Acetic Acid. Cider Press in Courtenay makes a beautiful pristine product with 6% Acetic Acid.

9. Take a supplement of colloidal minerals. These will scavenge for acid fragments and comb the landscape for acids. There are many excellent choices made from sea vegetables, algae and plankton that are packed with trace minerals that will do the trick.

10.Reduce stress. Stress produces more acid. Acid will destroy cells. Stress can be very distressful to cell function…so you may be sorry for the worry. OK, I’ll stop now.

If you want more information, we can provide you with a complete list of acid-alkali foods and a recipe list of perfectly tantalizing, but alkalizing meals.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Top Ten Top Ten

The Top Ten of Top Ten Lists

In the next ten postings, I will be listing the top ten of my top ten lists. Of course there are probably books and TV shows devoted to top ten lists, but these are my favorites, and they are topics on natural medicine.

I think that it should really be a Top Six List, because in my experience, interest falls precipitously after the sixth one of anything. I can remember six numbers in my head. My to-do list for each day maxes out at 6. I just can't get to that seventh one. I look at the first six pages of an instruction manual, and figure I'm an expert by that point. A common salutatory conversation should be limited to six words: good to see you...call me. There are six people that I would like to meet. There are six people I would spend the rest of my life with. I was trying to be clever and come up with six points here, but you are far too cleverer and have seen the ploy, I can now see.

So here are the Top Ten of my lists, of which in reality, you will only be interested in the top six, so the last 4 are fodder and if I stop at the sixth, nobody will notice, I think. The lists will appear in sequential order ( as opposed to random ) in the next ten postings. Give yourself a pat on the back if your interest is held until the tenth and last list. Good luck to all of you and remember the rules of long distance running: do not buy new shoes.

The Top Ten Top Ten Natural Medicine Tips
1. Top Ten Tips on Alkalizing Your pH
2. Top Ten Tips on Bone Building
3. Top Ten Tips on Reducing Allergies
4. Top Ten Tips on Stress Busting
5. Top Ten Tips on Sleep
6. Top Ten Tips on Chronic Inflammation
7. Top Ten Tips on Immunity Building
8. Top Ten Tips for GERD Management
9. Top Ten Supplements
10. Top Ten Foods You Have to Eat Regularly

You notice that I have (with difficulty), refrained from some of my personal favorites, such as :

Alternate List:
1. Top Ten Uses For Duct Tape With No Other Tools
2. Top Ten Robin Williams Movies: 5 Dark 5 Light
3. Top Ten Bee Gees Songs
4. Top Ten Guilty Pleasures (the it's-unhealthy-I-know-but-I've-been-so-good type)
5. Top Ten Words That End with Icious, not at all related to No.4

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Blog Commandments

This being my first blog, I will abide by the following rules:

1. I will not backspace. What is written is wrote. No editing.
2. I will first-write. Thoughts will transfer directly from my mind to the keyboard.
3. I will not write about other people, that is gossip.
4. I will offer opinion, that is ... that is conviction...I think.
5. I will do good. Contribute. Participate. Engage.

I think that is it. My thoughts count. My thoughts count. One more time, with conviction:
My thoughts count.

Monday, January 18, 2010


Probiotic Olympics
Marigold Natural Pharmacy offers a wide variety of probiotic supplements. We now carry one of the best probiotic lines on the planet: Dr. Ohhira's Probiotics. Developed by award-winning microbiologist Dr. Ichiroh Ohhira from Okayama University, they contain very specific strains of lactic acid bacteria.

If they held an Olympics for bacteria, these strains would be podium contenders in increasing energy, improving repair mechanisms, supporting immune system and supporting optimal health. The formula will decrease anxiety, improve mood and support restful sleep.