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Friday, February 8, 2013

Family Day Blog

Title: Family and The Three Aspects

There is a new holiday this year: Family Day and it is this coming Monday. This is the first year it is being celebrated in British Columbia. Thinking about this, I dug up an old photograph with me sitting on my mother’s lap at one year of age. There were two more sisters born after this photo, so I come from a big family.

Family brings to mind the first aspect: the need for faith. It is true that we can pick our friends but never our family. Our families are the source of our greatest joys, and our greatest sorrows. Our family is who we are, in our DNA, in our cells,  in our very fibre. They give us allergies. I have often told my two children that no matter what, no one will come closer to them than each other. In fact, they are closer to each other than they are to us, their parents. It is often believed that we are the product not just of our parents, but of seven generations past. I added it up: 284 energies guiding each of us. Our instincts, intuition and clairvoyance are propelled by the connection to these unconscious factors. It gives us a compass, it guides us invisibly, it holds us to our foundation, like invisible threads. It provides us with a trust: that everything will work out, with our family behind us. This is the first aspect.

From the first aspect of faith, we are enabled to rise to the second aspect: the need for courage. From our foundation of the family, we experience growth; in our abilities and in our confidence. Always, our biggest fan club is our own families and it is true that our achievements are their achievements. ( I have a nephew who at age six is a fantastic and gifted singer and it always gives me a special sense of pride to watch his videos. *)

Family is the training ground and the greenhouse where we get to try new stuff out. Let our talents sprout. This gives us courage to venture on our own and pave our own paths. It allows us the social grace to form friendships and kinships of our own. And then, it is these partnerships that lead to the most courageous venture of all: creating our own family. There exists many modern versions of this: the partner, the co-mortgagee, the soul-friend, or if you are conventional, the wife or husband.  This is the second aspect.

* Here is a link to a my nephew Tyson's youtube video:


Through the aspect courage, we begin the third aspect: the need for questionability. This may seem a strange and final culmination, but this is the most important aspect of all. If we do not question, we cease. We stagnate. We are lulled into a false security. We die in spirit. Questioning is the opposite of doubting. It is the opposite of insecurity. It is the opposite of terminating. When we question, we allow ourselves to simultaneously reflect in gratitude for our past, enjoy our present and propel into the future. It allows us to grow and to excel. When doubt and uncertainty creep into our thoughts, we should welcome it as necessary refinements to our game plan.

Perfection is therefore not the objective. Rather, we return to the first aspect: have faith in ourselves; the second aspect: have the courage to do what is required and the third aspect: question ourselves as to what next. The aspect of questionability allows us to transcend our limitations. Each generation should transcend the previous.

The three aspects repeat in our lifetime. Over and over again.

And this is will go on for seven generations. Our spirits will continue to soar through our descendants. More so if they are aware of this gift. 

The gift of family.

So, have a great Family Day to all of you and may you pause on this day to look back to where you came from in order to achieve a sense where you are.